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Professional Painting in a Box

You Just Went to the Paint Store for the Last Time

What you have in this box is the result of over 50 years of team painting experience. We started small, and like anyone who has taken on a painting project for the first time we went to the paint store...a lot. And you like you, we grew tired of going back to the store again and again for "just one last thing".


How it Works

We've standardized how we approach each type of painting project. Enclosed, you will find the tools we use on our job sites as well as step by step instructions so that you can tackle your painting project with confidence...and no more extra trips!

Oder your box and choose your paint colors.

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We'll ship you your box and order your paint. Both are delivered to your door!

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You can get to work and start painting your home hassle free!

Select Your Box

Open Your Box

Start Painting!

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What's Inside

  • All the Tools We Use for the Type of Project You Choose

  • Instruction Booklet with Step by Step Instructions

  • Links to Our Instruction and Pro-Tip Videos

  • Access to Our Painter's Help Line

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