Skill & Detail

We know that of all the rooms in a house, the kitchen and dining rooms are some of the most special. It's here that many countless hours will be spent preparing for and celebrating

birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. That's why our painters know to give your kitchen and cabinetry just a little more time and detail, because we believe in giving you a special place for those special moments.

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Protecting Your Home

In order to provide the most professional finish possible, our teams apply our paint products by sprayer. Before we begin our work, our teams are careful to completely cover all floors and surfaces that will not be painted. 

Preparing Every Surface

Our teams spend a significant part of our time at a project washing and then sanding all of the trim, cabinetry, and doors that will be painted. This insures that the new paint will have a clean and smooth surface to be applied onto.

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Filling Holes and Gaps

After cleaning and sanding, our teams will then fix any holes and gaps on the trim, cabinets, and walls that will be painted. Our teams are detailed and check over our work to make sure all surfaces are smooth and seamless.

Applying Paint

As mentioned earlier, we use sprayers when painting trim, cabinets, and doors to provide the best and smoothest coverage possible. After the first coat of paint, our teams will then re-sand everything and fix any holes or gaps that may have been missed. We will then spray the second, final coat.

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Final Touch Ups

After everything is finished, our most experienced painters will examine our work and do touch ups until everything meets our high standards. We will then conduct a final walk through with you to make sure you are happy with your final product before we leave.